10 Weird Things Covered by Home Insurance

Home insurance, that trusty guardian of our abodes, is known for its role in protecting against the usual suspects like fires, floods, and thefts. However, beneath its conventional façade lies a fascinating realm of coverage that extends to the downright bizarre. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the peculiar and unexpected aspects of home insurance, shedding light on 10 weird things that you might not believe are actually covered.

  1. Alien Abduction:

You read that right – some home insurance policies provide coverage for damages or injuries resulting from extraterrestrial encounters. While it may seem like the stuff of science fiction, there have been reported cases of individuals claiming such incidents, leading insurers to include this otherworldly clause.

  1. Zombie Apocalypse:

In the age of binge-watching zombie-themed shows, it’s surprising to know that some home insurance policies offer coverage for damages caused by a zombie apocalypse. While the likelihood of the undead roaming our streets is debatable, insurers seem to acknowledge the possibility by adding this quirky provision.

  1. Falling Satellites:

Space may be the final frontier, but sometimes pieces of it find their way back to Earth. Home insurance policies in certain instances cover damages caused by falling satellites or debris from space. It’s a rare occurrence, but insurers have left no stone unturned in their quest for comprehensive coverage.

  1. Pet Damage:

While pets are beloved members of the family, their mischievous antics can sometimes result in costly damages. Surprisingly, some home insurance policies extend coverage to include damage caused by your furry friends, whether it’s a curious cat knocking over a valuable vase or a dog with a penchant for chewing furniture.

  1. Riot-Induced Damage:

Civil unrest can be a concerning issue, and some home insurance policies provide coverage for damages resulting from riots or civil commotion. This might include property damage, theft, or vandalism caused by protests or social unrest in your neighborhood.

  1. Identity Theft Expenses:

Home insurance isn’t just about protecting your physical property. Some policies include coverage for expenses related to identity theft, such as legal fees, lost wages, and other costs incurred in restoring your identity. It’s a modern twist to an age-old concept of safeguarding one’s home.

  1. Sinkhole Damage:

While sinkholes may seem like a rare occurrence, they can wreak havoc on homes and properties. Some home insurance policies cover damage caused by sinkholes, which are geological phenomena where the ground gives way, creating a sudden and often massive hole.

  1. Civil Authority Actions:

In the event that government actions prevent you from accessing or using your home, certain home insurance policies provide coverage for resulting losses. This could include instances where authorities restrict access due to a disaster or emergency situation.

  1. Damage Caused by Vermin:

Unwanted guests of the rodent variety can cause significant damage to a home. Some home insurance policies include coverage for damage caused by pests, such as rats or mice, acknowledging the potential harm these seemingly harmless creatures can inflict.

  1. Volcanic Eruptions:

Living in the shadow of a volcano might seem like a risky proposition, but for some homeowners, it’s a reality. Surprisingly, certain home insurance policies offer coverage for damages resulting from volcanic eruptions, acknowledging the unique challenges faced by those in volcanic-prone areas.


Home insurance, with its seemingly mundane exterior, has a few tricks up its sleeve. From the bizarre and outlandish to the surprisingly practical, these 10 weird things covered by home insurance showcase the industry’s commitment to providing comprehensive protection for homeowners, no matter how peculiar the circumstances. So, the next time you review your policy, take a moment to appreciate the quirky clauses that make home insurance a fascinating and often unpredictable safeguard for the unexpected.

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