Application of Drones in Crop Fertilization

Drones are becoming popular both in the agricultural industry because of its flexibility to move around in swift motions. The use of drones saves the farmer’s time and resources by moving round the farm to spray the required fertilizers and insecticides to nurture crops. This is done to keep worms, insects and pests away from crops.

However, scientist are in quest to discovering new ways to integrate fixed wing and rotary drones. Fixed wing drones has two fastened wings and one propeller, this enables it to stay long in flight. Rotary drones in the other hand has four propellers, this enable it to take off and land vertically, as a  result, any spot can be a landing pad for this drone. A good example is quadcopter.

In this article, I’ll be sharing with you the application of drones in the Agricultural industry through crop fertilization. Below are relevance of drones in this industry.

Monitoring Soil Health

The survival of crops depends on the nutrients of the soil on which it germinates.  With drones, farmers can easily analyse the soil health, identify and survey the crops for any deficiencies, know the right fertilizer and adequately in the right proportion apply to it. This can be achieved by creating accurate 3D maps and data processing.

With the data processing capability, farmers can equally monitor nitrogen levels through the collected data to gain more insight into efficient irrigation management.

Assisting Farmers
Agronomist Using a Tablet in an Agricultural FieldAgronomist Using a Tablet in an Agricultural Field

Speed Seeding Process

With the use of drones, rugged landscapes is sow with seeds of the copious varieties of crops within the shortest time frame of seconds. Doing this task requires skillful abilities of manual labor which is time consuming, hence, drone technology is employed to ease the operations.

Drones with its capability to plant at a rate of 120 pods per minute saves the farmer’s time and money.

Identify Deficiencies

Drones are power tools to detecting nitrogen deficiencies on a plant-by-plant basis. With their equipped high-resolution cameras, sensors and additionally instilled with lasers examines the crop for any symptoms of nitrogen deficiency. With this, farmers can make further determinations regarding the crops and be certain when fertilization is necessary.

Replaces Heavy machines and Backpack Sprayers

crop Fertilizer
A farmer with a mist blower sprayer walks through the potato plantation. Use chemicals in agriculture. Agriculture and agribusiness. Treatment of the farm field against insect pests, fungal infections

As a farmer, you don’t have to be moving round the farm with a backpack sprayer. Drones has made this easy with its equipped light detection sensor, lasers, 20-liter tank and ultrasonic echoing.

Drones analyse the soil, scan it and spray the required amount of liquid on only the necessary crops without over spraying.

Pest Control

With the use of drones, farmers can detect and control pest in crops. These drones effortlessly fly through the farm even at nights, detect early pest and treat it with a calculated dose of insecticide.

Drones in Crop Fertilization

Drones in Agriculture is a tool that makes farming easy, saves time and reduces wastage of resources.

crop Fertilizer
Agriculture drone fly to sprayed fertilizer on the green tea fields, Smart farm 4.0 concept

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