Best Drone Software to Enhance your Flight Capability

Drone Software are third-party applications designed to help drone pilots plan, execute, and analyze flights, as well as enhance the quality of aerial photography and videography. In this guide we have listed different software to choose from, depending on your specific needs and the capabilities of your drone, you may find certain software more suitable than others.

Are you new to flying drones or you’re already a professional, these apps are can enhance capability of your drone ranging from analytics, mapping, weather, flight logs and a lot more.

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Top 10 Drone Software

Below is a list of the top drone software in 2024:

1. Aloft (formerly known as Kittyhawk)

Kittyhawk is one of the most affordable and best comprehensive well designed drone software with stunning user interface. The platform provides a variety of solutions for airspace and fleet management for individual drone pilots, enterprise UAS programs, developers, and more. The app also features airspace management capabilities, tracking of your team’s UAS activity in one single data record, flight planning and collaboration.

Their pricing is quite affordable and the app is free to download on Google playstore, Apple App sore and on the official Aloft website.

Features of Kittyhawk Drone Software

  1. Flight planning and management
  2. Real-time flight monitoring/camera streaming
  3. Airspace intelligence
  4. Weather conditions
  5. Compliance and reporting
  6. Drone tracking
  7. Fleet management
  8. Collaboration and communication
  9. Integration and API
  10. And more

Official website: Kittyhawk

Google Playstore app download:  Download Here

2. DroneDeploy

DroneDeploy is another most user-friendly UAV mapping solutions every remote pilot should check before launching their drone. This software platform is designed to simplify the process of creating aerial maps and 3D models using drones.

You can get started with either their 14-day trial or their Pro solution ranging from $329/month to an Enterprice plan.

The platform caters Industries of all sizes include:

  1. Construction
    -Automate site inspections, track progress and reduce rework.
  2. Oil & Gas
    -Manage sites and assets remotely and improve worker safety.
  3. Renewable Energy
    -Speed up solar construction and automate inspections.
  4. -Agriculture
    Automate stand counts, identify variability and monitor crop health.
  5. Mining & Quarries
    -Automate stockpile analysis, monitor sites and improve safety.
  6. Utilities
    -Automate site inspections and improve asset maintenance.
  7. Roofing
    -Capture high-res roof imagery and speed up reporting.
  8. Property Management
    -Assess property conditions and create digitized records.

Features of DroneDeploy

  1. Automated flight planning
  2. Real-time mapping
  3. High-resolution imagery
  4. Orthomosaic maps
  5. 3D models
  6. Volume calculations
  7. Annotations and measurements
  8. Data analysis tools
  9. Integration with GIS and CAD
  10. Cloud-based platform

Official website: DroneDeploy

3. UAV Forecast

UAV Forecast provides detailed weather forecasts and other relevant information to assist pilots in making informed decisions about when and where to fly their drones. It provides up-to-date weather forecasts, including wind speed and direction, visibility, precipitation, and temperature. The app also also alert you to no-fly zones.

UAV Forecast

This app is free to download for both Android and iOS.

Features of UAV Forecast

Here’s a list of features offered by UAV Forecast:

  1. Weather forecasts
  2. Wind speed and direction
  3. Visibility
  4. Precipitation
  5. Temperature
  6. Sunrise and sunset times
  7. Solar activity
  8. KP index (geomagnetic activity)
  9. Satellite imagery
  10. Air quality index

4. Skyward

Skyward is another well designed software that provides tools for planning, scheduling, and automating drone flights, including mission planning, airspace checks, and compliance verification.

The platform offers airspace intelligence features to help users understand and comply with regulations, airspace restrictions, and NOTAMs (Notices to Airmen).


  1. Flight planning and automation
  2. Airspace intelligence
  3. Flight operations management
  4. Compliance and reporting
  5. Safety management
  6. Integration with workflows and systems
  7. Collaboration and communication
  8. Training and certification

You can get more information on their website at Skyward

5. NV Drones

NV Drones is another platform that offers data and workflow for drones. It provides calendar integrations, Drone Flight Logging for Serious Drone Pilots, and custom checklists.

NV drones

With NV Drones, you can automatically generate reports that detail all your flights, personnel, and equipment, for compliance and operational needs. It allows for Automatic flight log syncing with DJI GO and DroneDeploy, plus manual flight log uploads from 3DR, Yuneec, and More.

NV Drones also gives pilots in flight data, such as battery life and GPS data. Built-In is another feature of NV Drones that know Exactly Where It’s Safe to Fly Anytime, Anywhere.



B4UFLY is a mobile application developed by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in the United States to help drone operators understand airspace restrictions and regulations. It is the simple way for drone operators to check airspace and local advisories before taking flight.

With B4UFLY, you simply open the app and select where you want to fly to see the status of the airspace selected, as well as details regarding surrounding advisories.


  1. Flight planning
  2. Airspace status
  3. Flight restrictions
  4. Interactive map
  5. Flight planner
  6. Educational resources
  7. Localized information

App download: The app is available on Google Play store. Click here to download

7. Litchi

Litchi is an alternative for DJI’s GO, GO4, and now Fly apps. It is a third-party mobile application designed for DJI drones, offering advanced flight planning and autonomous flight features.

With Litchi, users can create waypoint missions by defining multiple points on a map, allowing the drone to fly along a predetermined path automatically. The app is available on all platforms including PC/Mac with seamless mission syncing across all your devices.

Features of Litchi Drone App

  1. Waypoint missions
  2. Virtual Reality mode
  3. Follow Me mode
  4. Orbit mode
  5. Panorama mode
  6. Focus mode
  7. Terrain following
  8. Automatic takeoff and landing
  9. Advanced camera settings
  10. Live stream
  11. Geofencing
  12. Flight logs and telemetry
  13. Pan and tilt control
  14. Mission editing
  15. Automatic return-to-home
  16. Obstacle avoidance (if supported by the drone)

8. Tesla Field Recorder

Tesla Field Recorder is another drone app that provides advanced features for metal object and magnetic field detection that could disrupt your flight operations.


  1. Easy to use detection of Metallic objects and Electromagnetic fields
  2. Real and accurate measurements using the magnetometer sensor of your device
  3. Automated recording for long-time measurements
  4. View and analyze recorded data from within the app


9. Hover

Hover is another well designed user friendly app that assist drone pilots in planning and executing their flights safely and legally. The app displays no-Fly Zone Maps in your area, and also provides a Flight Readiness Dashboard.

Some of its features include:

  1. Flight Log
  2. Real-Time Weather
  3. Fly Zones
  4. And more

In conclusion

In this article, we’ve outlined different Drone Software to enhance your flight capability. These apps provides excellent management solutions that can do wonders for you business.

Have you tried any of the above software? What are your reviews on the app? Kindly drop your opinion using the comment section below.

Thanks for reading, see you in our next post.


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