Application of Drones in Crop Fertilization

Crop Fertilizer

Drones are becoming popular both in the agricultural industry because of its flexibility to move around in swift motions. The use of drones saves the farmer’s time and resources by moving round the farm to spray the required fertilizers and insecticides to nurture crops. This is done to keep worms, insects and pests away from … Read more

How Drones Are Effectively Changing the Agricultural Industry

Drones for Agriculture

Drone is one of the popular tool used today in variety of sectors because of it’s vast effectiveness in delivery. In this article, we’ll focus on how the use of Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) has positively affect the Agricultural industry ranging from production, crop fertilization to Delivery. Agriculture The use of UAVs in the agricultural … Read more

How to Easily Add Night Vision to Your Drones

A Drone is a technological gadget equipped with various sensors, cameras, and other payloads for different purposes. The achievement of night vision camera is a massive advantage for capturing night photos and videos. This can greatly expand its functionality for various applications such as surveillance, security, search and rescue, and wildlife monitoring. In this article, … Read more

Best Drone Software to Enhance your Flight Capability

Drone Software

Drone Software are third-party applications designed to help drone pilots plan, execute, and analyze flights, as well as enhance the quality of aerial photography and videography. In this guide we have listed different software to choose from, depending on your specific needs and the capabilities of your drone, you may find certain software more suitable … Read more

How to Take Care of Your Drone


Purchasing a Drone is one of the biggest investment that needs to be taken care of. Considering how expensive a drone is, taking care of your Drone should be a top most priority. By applying the guide outlined on this page, understanding how to safely and effectively operate your drone, troubleshoot problems, and maximize its … Read more

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