LuxeGold Login Review: Is LuxeGold legit or scam? Read this before Registration or sign in

LuxeGold is an online paying affiliate platform that is ideal for individuals looking to boost their income through social media monetization, networking and affiliate marketing. In this article, we’ll expose you to honest review about this platform including search terms like luxegold login, coupon code for luxegold, luxegold legit, luxegold review, luxegold registration, luxegold link, luxegold app download and more. Kindly read this article to the end without skipping a line as the shocking truth is exposed.

Don’t just scroll through your social feeds; make them work for you. Join “LuxeGold” today and start earning in style! With a registration fee of only N5,000 ($8) with no renewal or hidden fees, you’ll earn huge having fun through affiliate marketing. Don’t miss this great online business opportunity.

Guess what, you perform your day-to-day daily task on social media which includes watching a short promotional video you’ll see on your dashboard for at least 10 secs or following someone on TikTok, Instagram or Twitter and get paid. Supper cool right?

Lets get started…

What is Luxegold all about?

LuxeGold is an international social media monetization and affiliate platform designed to help you turn your online presence into a revenue-generating powerhouse. With a solid dollar-earning structure, you can leverage your skills, creativity, and connections to unlock financial opportunities like never before.

How does Luxegold works?

Here’s how it works:

  • Global Reach: Reach audiences from around the world. “LuxeGold” connects you with a diverse and extensive user base.
  • Monetization Magic: Transform your social media activity into a source of income. Your posts, shares, and engagement are your assets here.
  • Affiliate Advantage: Enjoy a generous 92% affiliate commission and receive direct second-generation commissions from your downlines, providing you with two indirect commissions that sum up to N4,400 ($7.04).
  • One-Time Payment: To get started, all it takes is a one-time payment of N5,000 ($8). It’s a small investment with the potential for significant returns.
  • Dollar Earnings: Your earnings are in dollars, making it a universally recognized and valuable currency.

How To make money on LUXEGOLD? 

  • Referral Commission = N4,000($8)
  • 1st gen Indirect commission = N300($0.64)
  • 2nd gen Indirect commission = N100($0.16)

Below is a break down on how you can make money on


Immediately you register on LuxeGold, you get a Welcome Task-Bonus of N10,000($16) and an extra Withdrawal Task-bonus of N10,000($16) which can be withdrawn after 30 days of performing Gold task daily. In total you will be getting N20,000($32) known as Gold Returns.

It takes less than 3 minutes to complete this task and it’s done once a day. After 30 days of performing this 2-minute Gold task you’ll be paid Gold Returns of N20,000($32) straight to your bank account without referrals.


This feature works like your WhatsApp status, but this time around, you’re getting paid per view.

You get to upload any write up, Photo or short video (30 seconds – 2 minutes long) then share the link to your WhatsApp status and you’ll be paid N20($0.03) per view.

Your earnings through your Gold Status will be added to your Gold Shares on your dashboard. The more your views the more your Gold shares.

Through Gold Status you can be making N1,000($1.6) – N5,000($8) daily without referrals, that’s 30k – 100k monthly without referrals.


We’re all familiar with the anonymous messaging app/ website where you create and share an anonymous link to your status for your friends to send you anonymous messages.

We have the same feature on LuxeGold. On your dashboard, you’ll see the Gold anonymous link that you can share to your WhatsApp for your friends to send you anonymous messages.

After sharing your Gold Anonymous link, for each anonymous message you receive from anyone that uses the link to send you an anonymous message, you’ll be paid N20($0.3), which will be added to your Gold shares on your dashboard.

Through Gold Anonymous you can be making N1000($1.6) – N5,000($8) daily without referrals, that’s 30k – 100k monthly without referrals.


On your dashboard, you’ll see the Gold Xchange icon when you click on it… You’ll see a flier showing the current Gold Xchange rate together with your Xchange link.

All you need to do is save or screenshot the flier(picture) and share it together with your link on your WhatsApp status.

When anyone uses your link to sell their crypto coin like btc, usdt, eth, bnb…. you’ll be paid N10($0.01) per dollar traded.

If say someone uses your link to sell $500 worth btc, you’ll be paid N5000 which will be added to your Gold commission on your dashboard.

The more people trade using your link the more you earn. For those of you that have friends that buy or sell btc without you benefiting because you don’t know anything about Crypto. Just ask them to trade with your link and you’ll be paid.


When someone register through you, you’ll be paid N4000($6.4) referral commission which will be added to your Gold commission on your dashboard.

Also, whenever any of those you registered, registers someone, N300($0.5) will be added to your *Gold commission* that is 1st generation Indirect referral commission.

And you get N100($0.16) 2nd generation indirect Commission whenever any of your 2nd generation downline registers someone, it’ll be added to your Gold Commission


  1. GOLD COMMISSION: Affiliate and Xchange earnings can be withdrawn every Wednesdays and Sundays from 4pm – 6pm. Minimum of N7,000($11)
  2. GOLD SHARES: Status and Anonymous earnings can be withdrawn on the 25th of every month. Minimum of N25,000($40)
  3. OLD RETURNS: Welcome and Withdrawal task bonus: can be withdrawn after 30 days. Minimum of N20,000($32)

All your earnings in dollars will be converted to naira and paid straight to your bank account after placing withdrawal.

Luxegold Coupon code

Below is how to obtain coupon code for Luxegold registration. Without a Luxegold coupon code, you can’t sign in.

  • Visit the Luxegold coupon code page here
  • Contact any of the verified coupon vendor
  • Get your activation code and proceed to registration

Luxegold Registration (register/ sign up)

Follow the guide below to complete your Luxegold sign up registration:

  • Visit register and click on the sign up button
  • Fill in your details including your name, phone number or email, username and password
  • Insert your coupon code and verify it
  • Finally, click on Luxegold register to successfully sign up for an account.

Luxegold link: The link for luxegold registration is

Luxegold Login (sign in)

Follow the guide below to sign in to your Luxegold account dashboard after sign up:

  • Visit login and click on the sign in button
  • Fill in your username and password you used during the registration phase
  • Click on login

Luxegold app download

The luxegold app is available for download on Google playstore. Kindly follow the steps below to complete your luxegold app download.

  • Go to Google playstore
  • Search of luxegold app
  • Click on the install button
  • Or Click Here to Download the luxegold app.

Luxegold Review: Is luxegold Legit or Scam?

Luxegold is a legitimate paying platform. As of the time of writing this review, a lot of members have received their payments. However, that’s not a guaranteed, so invest wisely.

As we will always say, invest with what you can afford to lose.

Luxegold Payment Proofs

Below are Luxegold payment proofs from paid participants

When was Luxegold Launched?

Luxegold was launched on the first of October, 2023

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