Review: Is Sonik Legit or Scam? Read before Login or Register is a newly launched investment platform in Nigeria that allows you earn passive income though investment. The platform is developed in such a way that participants can withdraw their money anytime they reach the minimum withdrawal threshold. In this article, we’ll be discussing the ins and outs of to know if it is legit or scam, login, sonik com ng review, sonik register, sign up and every other thing you need to know about the platform.

What is all about?

Sonik is an investment platform with the motive to raise young millionaires across the country. The platform offers various VIP packages with different investment levels. Select the package that aligns with your financial capacity and investment goals.

Benefits of

The platform allows you make a deposit and withdrawal are open 24 hours. Withdrawal is once a day for Each user. Minimum Deposit and withdrawal is #1000 and 500 respectively. Investment Plans

Sonik offers a range of VIP packages, each with its own minimum investment and daily earnings. Here’s an overview of the available investment plans:

  1. VIP 1 – ₦1,000: Daily Earnings – ₦249.80
  2. VIP 2 – ₦3,000: Daily Earnings – ₦750
  3. VIP 3 – ₦6,000: Daily Earnings – ₦1,500
  4. VIP 4 – ₦10,000: Daily Earnings – ₦2,510.4
  5. VIP 5 – ₦15,000: Daily Earnings – ₦3,750
  6. VIP 6 – ₦20,000: Daily Earnings – ₦4,999.2
  7. VIP 7 – ₦30,000: Daily Earnings – ₦7,500
  8. VIP 8 – ₦40,000: Daily Earnings – ₦9,998.4
  9. VIP 9 – ₦60,000: Daily Earnings – ₦15,000
  10. VIP 10 – ₦80,000: Daily Earnings – ₦19,999.2
  11. VIP 11 – ₦100,000: Daily Earnings – ₦24,998.4
  12. VIP 12 – ₦150,000: Daily Earnings – ₦37,500
  13. VIP 13 – ₦200,000: Daily Earnings – ₦49,999.2
  14. VIP 14 – ₦300,000: Daily Earnings – ₦75,000

How to Make Money on Sonik com ng

Sonik offers a reliable and profitable referral program that allows you earn money anytime you refer people to join the platform. When you refer someone to join and the person invest in any of the investment plans, you automatically earn 20% referral bonus. Also if its a 2nd or 3rd level referral, you earn 2% of the investment amount. You can share your unique referral link to your friends and families on social media to sign up. Register: How to Sign up

To sign up an account on Sonik, kindly follow the below steps:

  • Visit the official website by clicking here
  • Fill in the registration form using your details
  • Click on the Register button to successfully sign up an account Login: How to sign in to Sonik Dashboard

To sign in to your sonik account dashboard, kindly follow the below steps:

  • Access the sign in page
  • Fill in your username and password used during the registration
  • Finally, Click on the Login button to successfully sign in

Is Legit or Scam? is a scam and a ponzi scheme platform. The platform has no real business, but its just a website operated by anonymous scammers to deceive users into the ponzi schemes.

If you’re interested in making money through this platform, then I highly advice you to join now before it gets crowded. Because ponzi scheme platforms only pay at that early stage that it was launched. Once the platform gets crowded, the platform crashes.


Currently, there are no real withdrawal proof, and also the scammers might initially pay users at the beginning to make it look as if they are real, but after some time, they would stop paying and vanish with everyone’s money. SO invest wisely so as not to become victims of fraudsters and scammers.

When was Launched?

Sonik was launched on the 2nd of October, 2023. This implies that this website was launched 5 days ago as of the time this article was composed.

Who is the founder of

The owner of is unknown. This implies that the developers of Sonik failed to disclose the ceo of the platform for reason best known to them.

Are you an existing member of How is your experience on the platform? Have you been paid? Kindly share your thoughts using the comment section below to avoid potential investors from falling prey.


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